Bohemian wedding at the village of Lofou.

We were delighted to document the special day of the delightful pair of Andreas and Xenia. The village of Lofou was the setting for one of the unique and creative weddings, drawing inspiration from the Bohemian aesthetic.

A Bohemian wedding is a wedding that incorporates a free-spirited and unconventional style, inspired by the Bohemian subculture. It is characterized by a laid-back and natural feel, often held in an outdoor setting such as a garden or a forest. Bohemian weddings usually prioritize personal expression and creativity over tradition and often involve DIY decor, vintage or eclectic elements, and handmade or artisanal details.

❈ Bridal Dress: Anna Tavoularidi

❈ Musicians: Ta Sgartilia

❈ Decoration: Roys Herodotou

❈ DJ: George Constantinou

❈ Hair Styling: Eternity Hair Salon

❈ Cinematography: Andreas Perdiou

❈ Lighting design: Phidias Music Atelie

❈ Food and Beverage: Ermis Catering

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